Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The #1 Quality of Top Employees

Inc. asked its readers to define their "Best Employee Ever," and one word came up more than any other: proactive.

According to Stephanie Meyers:
Trustworthiness and reliability tied for a close second. Dedication, enthusiasm, humility, passion and a sense of humor all received high marks, along with being a team player.
And although less frequently cited, still decidedly important: a dedication to bringing donuts to the office. But all jokes aside, if these characteristics don't sound like your team, maybe it's time for you or your employer to re-evaluate  hiring strategies.  But even more importantly,  if these traits don't sound like you, it might worth doing some reflection. And let's face it, we can all benefit from taking a good hard look at what we're bringing to the table. 

One of the biggest lessons I've learned in my career  is that it's not so much how you actually feel, it's how other people perceive it.  So when you feel like you want to dropkick your boss or tell a co-worker that you really don't feel like re-editing a draft report for the twenty-seventh time, take a deep breath and put on a brave (motivated!) face.  Because projecting a proactive, enthusiastic, and team oriented persona is not only appreciated, it's in your best interest. Simply meeting other people's expectations may keep you your job but exceeding them is what will advance you. At times it's a tough pill to swallow but, in the long run it'll serve you well. 

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